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Amendment 26...Your thoughts...
10-26-2011, 05:16 PM
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Amendment 26...Your thoughts...
So what do you think about Amendment 26 that will be voted on Nov. 2, 2011

I do not support abortion, unless under very unusual circumstances.....if the mother's life is in jeopardy, which is consistent with the amendment.

BTW...Mississippi has one of the lowest abortion rates

but I do not agree with the amendments Stem Cell Research clause

My reason is this.....If the embyro has a chance to be born, then the embyro should be given that opportunity....however, in stem cell research the embryos are unable to be born because they are not implanted into a woman

From Yeson26...


"Yes on 26 supports research that can save lives of human beings without causing harm to other lives."

Reason: Stem cell research where adult stem cells, cord blood, or other sources are used receive the support of Yes on 26. We oppose all forms of research where living human embryos are destroyed; this includes destructive embryonic stem cell research, as well as fetal tissue research.

Also on their website, they say that the amendment will not ban in vitro fertilization, but will not allow the 'unused' embryos to be 'destroyed'..... with in vitro, the doctors create 'extra' embryos and choose the 'healthiest' ones to implant and save the others if the previous ones did not implant correctly.....

I do not understand the amendment, in that the 'unused' embryos are not 'destroyed'...If they are not needed, then they have be destroyed somehow

so what do you do with the 'unused' embryos...throw them out??? or use them for potentially life-saving research.....I choose research
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10-28-2011, 12:02 AM (This post was last modified: 10-28-2011 12:03 AM by Jason.)
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RE: Amendment 26...Your thoughts...
WOW... thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have only skimmed over this proposed amendment once before, and I certainly paid no attention to the effects of stem cells, replicated embryos for in vitro fertilization, and such.

I am completely ignorant of this topic...

(1) How long can an embryo remain "good"? Can you freeze them forever?
(2) How do you determine the "healthiest" embryo, BTW?
(3) How many people would opt for the "non-healthiest" embryo??

Seems to me more like embryos are seeds and humans are plants. And seeds are not plants. A seed can turn into a plant, but it must be activated with water, the right temperature, and no sunlight for a certain period of time before it is ready for the light.

You are full of great threads, man. Thanks for showing up.
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10-28-2011, 04:13 PM
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RE: Amendment 26...Your thoughts...
I know that you can freeze embryos for quite a long time... I am only guessing but I would say on the order of about 10 years and still remain viable..... this is not forever

I don't know the exact method for determining the 'healthiest', but they do observe and choose the most likely to be viable

I don't think anyone would opt for the non-healthiest.....b/c in vitro is very expensive (around $30,000) and if a couple is choosing this option then it is likely the only option for their 'own' child....the next step would be a surrogate mother, which is even more expensive (~$100,000).

The problem I have with 26 is that it is inconsistent..... they don't want to destroy embyros (I can see their reason for this), but then they would not ban in vitro fertilization. and the process of in vitro involves creating many embryos and implanting them until 'pregnancy' happens. They remainder embryos are just for good measure in case the previous ones don't 'take'.... and since you can't keep them forever and implanting all the embryos would be dangerous to the womans health (remember that woman that gave birth to like 8 children... all of them were premature) and the baby's health.

BTW.... MS has only one abortion clinic, and if a person wanted an abortion they would just go to another they do for good BEER
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